About This Blog

“We’ve been expecting you, Mister Bond…”

Sometimes you cannot say all that you would like to in 140 characters or less, so this blog was designed to fulfill the requirement to continue the musings of Mister Bond 007 beyong the Twittersphere.

Hence “KISS Kiss BANG Bang” was born. This blog will contribute to my ongoing adventures in the murky world of espionage, supervillians, Bond babes, evil organisations and diabolical henchman.

Drawing from the pop culture phenomenon of the James Bond movies, books, games and worldwide appeal, this blog fuses the world of 007 and mashes it up with real world events, 50 years of movies, television and pop culture references.

Welcome to the world of Mister Bond 007 – Spy, Womaniser, Hero, Comedian. The only man who can save the world, get the girl and enjoy a nice line in double entendre’s while sipping a Vodka Martini…the names Bond, James Bond!




  1. The most stylish blog for the most stylish spy ! Congrats from France !
    We talk about you here : https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Bond-OO7/315632848447318?sk=wall

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