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Mister Bond’s Little Black Book:


Age: 25

Occupation: Psychic

Employer: Dr. Kananga

Status: Virgin

Live and Let Die

"It is Death..."

The mysterious Solitairea young virginal beauty who was mixed up in some nasty business involving drugs, the occult and a mob of ruthless villains.

We met for the first time in Harlem, the notorious borough of New York where few caucasian men would wander in to, and even fewer would emerge from. Except me of course, because that’s what I’m expected to do when I’m on a mission.

I was following Dr. Kananga, the Prime Minister of a small island country called San Monique. He appeared to be in business with a brutal crimelord known as Mr. Big and Kananga had gone in to one of Mr. Big’s “Fillet of Soul” restaurants in Harlem. I decided to infiltrate it in my own unique way; by being the only white face in Harlem that day in need of a bourbon and some soul music.

Fillet of Soul Restaurant from Live and Let Die

Fillet of Soul: Don't sit in the booth's.

The problem was, Solitaire, rather annoyingly, had tipped off Dr. Kananga of my impending arrival by describing my entire journey using Tarot Cards. It’s a good job she didn’t ‘see’ what I was up to the weekend before that or things could have got really embarrassing.

Tarot Card from Live & Let Die

The Lovers Card

It would seem that this demure and timid stunner had a psychic gift, a gift that Kananga was exploiting for his own nefarious ends. How diabolical, you would never catch me doing such a thing.

Kananga was using Solitaire, as he had her mother and grand mother before her. He was literally using her gift for fortune telling to orchestrate his shady enterprises in San Monique, New York and New Orleans. He was also using voodoo, and the cult of the mysterious Baron Samedi, to keep his employees and the people of San Monique in line.

At our intial encounter in the Fillet of Soul, I ended up coming face to face with Mr. Big after having a “nasty turn” in a booth there. I asked Solitaire to read my future. She asked me to “pick a card”, so I took one from the deck and revealed it to be ‘The Lovers’ card. “Us?” I asked, raising an eyebrow into my trademark knowing smirk. She looked very puzzled, or worried, I can’t quite remember which.

Solitaire from Live & Let Die

"I didn't see THAT coming."

Solitaire’s gift for telling fortunes did come with a price attached however. It was said that she could only use her ability as long as her virginity remained intact. Kananga knew this to be true, so you can imagine how angry he was going to be the next time we met. I love a good challenge and I did “rise to the occasion” on this mission, if I do say so myself.

Like a true bastard, my next encounter with Solitaire would ensure that the future she predicted for me would come true, and for that I needed to stack the odds in my favour. Literally.

The infamous bed scene in Live and Let Die

"Time for Lover's Lesson number 2."

 Asking her to pick a card from the deck this time, she revealed The Lovers card once again. From that moment on she would become like a red rose waiting to be plucked, and as I’m supposed to sacrifice myself for England, I couldn’t resist a good pruning.

Ok, so I cheated and the deck contained nothing but The Lover’s card, Solitaire had information on Kananga’s operation and I needed it. He was intending on flooding the United States with free heroin, which would in turn inflate the price; making him millions. He had to be stopped and at that stage of the mission, there really was no point in going off “half cocked” was there.

Live & Let Die Shark Tank Scene

"Just kill me already."

As you can imagine, Kananga was not too pleased when he found out I had stolen his valuable piece of merchandise and taken away her, er, talent. Like all villians, he tried to have me killed by feeding me to some pet aligators on his farm in Louisiana, and then Solitaire and I to some sharks in San Monique.

What is it with these people? They just can’t shoot you, they need to have an elaborate plan of execution to inflate their ego and laugh maniacally at.

Solitaire and I eventually escaped Kananga’s clutches; thanks to a nifty Rolex watch that had a very convenient saw and magnet feature installed. You have to hand it to Q, he always seems to equip me with just the right gadget. Ingenious really, and that shark gun, who would have known how handy that would prove to be?

After an encounter on a train (in which I totally dis-armed one of Kananga’s henchman, Tee-Hee), I found the time to teach Solitaire a few more “Lover’s Lessons” which I have a gift for; and which curiously is not affected by my appetite for bedding vulnerable beauties.  How very convenient.

Now if only I could figure out what happened to that Baron Samedi bloke…

Little Black Book Notes:

Double Entendre Rating: 4     Sex Appeal: 6     Feisty Index: 3     Scream Factor: 1

Mister Bond’s PPK Rating:    Gifted, but gullible girl willing to trade her talent for a much needed quickie.

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