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I was driving through the tunnel from Lake Como to Sienna, Italy and the next thing I know all hell breaks loose. Some guy in an Alfa Romeo must have taken a dislike to me overtaking him and what was supposed to be a nice drive around the Lake Como with Mr White, turned into a road rage nightmare…

My "cordoned off" Aston Martin DB-S

Well, that’s what my insurance claim says for my once beautiful Aston Martin DB-S. I’m certainly thinking I may lose my no claims discount and next years premium will go through the roof quicker than the passenger seat in my DB5.

I don’t know what it is about me and beautiful, fast cars. They don’t seem to last me too long that’s for sure. I guess when you’re in my line of work some minor “wear and tear” and the odd ‘ding’ is expected.

As you can see; my Aston Martin DB-S is awaiting the insurance company to send an assessor to view the damage. I must admit, I did try T-Cutting some of the deeper scratches out, but the missing door will take more than a black bag over it to disguise the extent of the damage and some rather ‘awkward’ questions.

Still, I’m hopeful that my initial description of the “road rage” incident I detailed on the claim form stands up or I’ll lose my 6 months “no claims bonus”.

"It's not as bad as it looks..."

At first, I thought these bullet holes in the dash didn’t look too bad. However I may have a hard time trying to pass them off as “clumsy cigarette burns”, as can happen when you smoke with the window open in rush hour traffic.

If only I could remember where the door ended up. It disappeared after a ‘minor scrape’ with a  large truck, who clearly wasn’t looking where he was going. I should have stopped to pick it up but I was too interested in trying to get away from the maniac in tha Alpha. Italian drivers can be a little on the aggressive side, if I do say so myself.

It’s a good job I have taken my advance driving and “collision avoidance while being shot at course” or things could have been a lot worse. Still, I know the insurance assessor will take a dim view of my claim.

At least this one shouldn’t be as complicated as that time some guy tried to steal my lovely white Lotus Espirit Turbo by smashing the window while the anti-theft device was on. He tried to sue for compensation claiming the car ‘blew up’; but I managed to convince that assessor it was a fuel leak which ignited when the guy lit a cigarette.

Oh well, if the claim is dismissed the car will still be driveable. One has to look on the bright side, it no longer requires air conditioning or a quick clear screen on the back window. Oh, and those bullet holes in the dash, a handy place to put my new phone and sat nav.

Q’s not going to like this.

The screen used Aston Martin DB-S from the 22nd James Bond film “Quantum of Solace” is currently on display at the Heritage Motor Centre Museum at Gaydon, England.
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